Investing In West Africa and the Mano River Union

Africa the place to Invest!                              

Doing business and investing in foreign places has always been a high-risk project initiative. The risks involved and how to manage them has the centre of most concerns and is what drives Direct Foreign Investments to or not to go in to invest irrespective what resource potentials are found in any continent, region or country.

Of course, the resource potentials has been the first attraction for and to any investment capitalist. However, Most times, and for the layman, there has been a misguiding view that Natural resources alone are what attract investments. Also when resources are mentioned most lay minds only think Natural Resources forgetting the most important resource every and any nation has, which is the Human Resource.

For most parts of West Africa there has always been a wish to improve on the Human Resource base since independence but as it is, it is like it has had a lot of limitations resulting from a mindset of both internal divisions of culture, ethnicity and other social factors and a colonial past that imparted into most the perception and attitude of belief that education done with a European language  is what is real education.

These perceptions and a lack of a unified common linguistic medium have the west African region a lot more than most other parts of the continent of Africa. Thus European languages that were the language of colonisation have always been seen as the lingua franca and status symbols, wrong or right of a refined mind.

West Africa unlike other parts of Africa is a subregion of great diversities in culture, and languages and as a result is a part of the continent that has more challenges and risks than other parts. It is with this at the back of this consultancy that clients are given the best advice backed by the best known international standards and practices used as parameters of assessment and risks management recommendations.

For the ScanAfrik Consultancy, no risk is too big to make logical and rationally practicable recommendations that can be both sustainable and standards friendly. Hence we focus on a win-win approach to addressing risks and investment undertakings.

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