The ScanAfrik Consultancy, in seeking to establish its credibility and serve as a link between interested Investors in Scandinavia and west Africa, conducts its business in compliance with, all international & national laws, associated international guidelines and the Consultancy industry’s best practices.

We observe the best practices and standards in every project we undertake and uses the best ethical business practices as our core value, in all of our operations. We provide our clients, partners and suppliers with the expected the core values we are committed to and believe that a commitment to respecting human rights must always be sought. As a result, we commit to using Bargaining, Dialogue and Negotiations within the best practice and accepted international standards to provide conflict sensitive services that seek to develop and maintain a social license to operate, social justice and equity.

We believe in and uphold gender equality and avoid projects we suspect shall contribute to any form of Human rights abuse and inequalities or even slavery in any form.

The ScanAfrik Consultancy respects all people, including our personnel, our clients, the local communities within which we operate and host and home nation governments. This is demonstrated by our robust and impartial commitment to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we are in compliance with ISO 20700:2017 and all subsequent and related standards of International Organization for Standardization that prescribes guidelines and standards for the effective delivery of management consultancy services. We also keep abreast and comply with all  International Conventions, Standards and Regulations on International Trade, Investments and arbitrations, whilst respecting all applicable local, national and international laws and guidelines. 

The ScanAfrik Consultancy’s core elements of approach are :

  • Always act with integrity and adhere to the highest standard of business ethics.
  • Respect local partners and not commit any act which might prejudice the Social, Cultural and economic security and stability of local communities, host nations or impact adversely on the local environment.
  • Seek to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients and maintain client and personnel confidentiality.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations of host nations and best practice international law.
  • Comply with international and local human rights and Social Justice  laws and applicable provisions of international humanitarian law
  • Do not  discrimination or harassment of any person