Business Promotion

Doing Business in unknown places can be daunting. The ScanAfrik Consultancy is a strategic management consultancy with specific concerns on due diligence, best practice for risk assurance business promoting Direct Foreign Investments in Sierra Leone and the Mano River Union.

Our primary focus is on setting goals for our clients to get the best practices applied whilst at the same time encouraging Direct Foreign Investment with the aim of partnering in developing the areas of need for the local partners in the projects we undertake. Most times this area of need is in developing the Human Resource into Human Capital which is Africa’s greatest need. A a result we encourage our clients wishing to invest in West Africa to put premium on the contributions they can and shall make in developing the human resource by inputs of on the job training and even as Corporate Responsibility on projects of Human Resource essence that may be out of the scope of operations of their project(s). we believe in the TRADE NOT AID Principle!