Welcome to the ScanAfrik Consultancy. We are strategic and technology-minded and serve clients who require solutions in Direct Foreign Investments in West Africa and especially in the Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Ivory Coast.

We do strategic research, planning and analysis and provide appropriate Risk Management solutions for Direct Foreign Investors intending to venture into West Africa and especially in the Mano River confederation of the sub-region.

A New global experience!

  • We use a new model of Management and Strategic Consulting approach that combines traditional methods with the use of appropriate Technologies to meet the specific needs of every customer!
  • Our areas of specialisation are Strategic Business research and planning consulting with a strict information technology friendly approach; Business Culture, Best Practice and due diligence with a background on how the use of Technology can ensure and assure Transparent and Effective corporate governance.
  • We also use technology to ensure the provision of efficient and accountable services and profitable Returns on Investments.

    How New is New?

    In this growing world of technology, the demands on the human mind are becoming more complex with every passing day. Performance and strategic management demands, and hence Stress levels, grow with every passing day from want of proper and accurate policies, planning and management of these policies, plans and tools.
    The need for effective resources and time Management, transparency and effective Compliance has made the use of software in Corporate and public governance grown to unprecedented proportions. At ScanAfrik Consultancy we sell both knowledge and tools to enhance enterprise and projects management as well as venture into areas that formerly were high risks with full technological management approach to ensure risks are properly managed.

    The ScanAfrik Consultancy is therefore preoccupied with  Direct Foreign Investments, Trade Promotion and Technology innovations in the resource-rich subregion of West Africa and the Mano River Union as well as the Development and use of Technology to instigate innovative growth and development as appropriately as possible and within best practice and standards.